Public Adjusters

What Do Public Adjusters In Do For You?

Public Adjusters are independent professionals who are hired to help their clients with insurance claims. They are not affiliated with your insurance company and work solely with your interests at heart. Public adjusters can become an instrumental part of the claims process. They will come to the site of the loss, evaluate, and carefully document the loss. They will interpret your policy and explain what you are entitled to claim and what to expect as a settlement. This becomes important as policies are written using a lot of technical insurance jargon, hard for someone to understand who does not have a working knowledge of the terms used. Your public adjuster will figure out replacement costs and submit all paperwork and required documentation to the insurance company. Questions and followup requests for information by the insurance company - almost a given - can be fielded by the public adjuster as well. If there is a need for reopening or filing a supplemental claim is needed, they can handle that as well. Public adjusters can serve as expert witnesses as well.  

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Is Hiring A Public Adjuster In A Good Idea?

Hiring a public adjuster can be such a wise idea. Those not well versed in the ways and language of insurance companies can be at a disadvantage. It is probably better to hire a public adjuster at the beginning of the process, but they can be hired by home or business owners at any stage. When there is an especially large claim pending, it becomes even more important to consider their services. It is always beneficial to get a second opinion, and most public adjusters will come to the site of the loss without charge. Submitting a precisely documented and accurate claim is crucial, and public adjusters understand how to accomplish this. They may think of something to claim that you had not thought of including. If you are unhappy with the communication you are experiencing with your insurance company, then using a public adjuster is a solid plan. There are so many ins and outs and grey areas in insurance policies, and you need an advocate.

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Are Public Insurance Adjusting Companies in Regulated?

The majority of states in our country regulate public adjuster through the licensing process. Some states are more lax in their requirements for obtaining a license than others. Continuing education may be needed. Beyond legal requirements, there are some desirable qualities a public adjuster might have. For example, a bachelor's degree with experience working for an insurance company proves beneficial. There are national associations that a public adjuster may join as well, though it is not a requirement for licensing. After ten years of experience and taking a rigid test, someone may become a senior public adjuster through the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA). Of course, certification through the NAPIA is possible as well. Practicing without a license is illegal, and public adjusters must have a valid license in the state in which they work.

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